What some people have said...


"You take me seriously."

"You are the first person that has made me feel heard! You get me."

"When I first started I viewed  many things as negative.  I realize I have choices and I am no longer stuck in the same place."

"I realize I am allowed to feel this way and I do not have to hide my feelings.  My feelings are mine and nobody can tell me what they are.  I have been hiding my feelings for so long and it is a relief to finally have them on the outside instead of on the inside."

"I simply have more peace in my day to day life"

 "Mindfulness has helped me to accept what I can, in the moment, and has given me a sense of control."

"I feel more in control of my life. You have given me the tools to make better choices about the way I speak and relate to other people. The hand outs are helpful."


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