Most general sadness, anxiety, and day to day mood problems can be treated without medication.  I have worked with hundreds of patients, and in each and every situation there has been an underlying cause for  some of the symptoms. They are invariably hidden away in past situations or avoided deep within the mind. Very few people want to re-live this pain.  Avoided memories and uncomfortable feelings have a profound impact on the rest of your life. Confronting this time in your life is where one finds the key to understanding the sleepless nights, stomach ulcers, lack of motivation, and indefinable sense of restlessness.  In most of these cases medication is not necessary.

 However, There are situations when medication can be helpful.  For those with more serious mood struggles including psychosis, schizophrenia or bi-polar), medication can be helpful to regulate your moods while you learn the tools and coping skills to manage your behavior.  For some people with depression or severe anxiety, a medication may be a short term support to focus on getting through day to day tasks as you learn new ways of thinking and begin to process past and current situations that are causing you discomfort.  Medication will not cure your  pain, but it will give you the relief you need to begin to work on your underlying issues.  If you feel you want to learn more about various medications or speak with a psychiatrist to learn more about this, a referral is available. I will work closely with your psychiatrist to be sure you are gaining the intended benefits. 


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