I work well with clients experiencing anxiety, anger or sadness, as well as those struggling with relationships. I most often hear "nobody has ever listened to me this way before, I feel like you get me". To add to being heard, is the feeling of success when you leave my office and discover you have the insights and tools to make changes in thought and action in your life for the better. I see this every day and it is incredible. 
My office is a safe, comfortable place where you can openly talk about what is important to you. I keep a full schedule but always with several planned openings in the week in the event someone wants to be seen quickly. Sometimes there are handouts, sometimes notes sent via email and always feeling connected.

We are all complex individuals with layers of history and feelings that are worth understanding and uncovering. There is no judgment or blame but rather the simple understanding of how we got where we are and how we move forward in the best possible manner. 

I have worked with many different personalities and feel that we all strive for peace of mind, calmness, internal purpose, and a feeling of connection. I use a combination of psychodynamic and depth based therapies along with Cognitive Therapy,  Long Term Exposure Therapy for trauma, EFT, and Mindful Education. There is not one type of therapeutic approach that is appropriate for all situations. There are many different types of therapies and styles of therapy that work to help people move closer to their goals. As a trained therapist, I am knowledgeable about different styles and which is appropriate for which situation.

I provide support in the following areas:

 -Adult Child of an Alcoholic -Anger -Anxiety -Attention - biological support post adoption-Bipolar Disorder -Codependency -Couples Counseling -Depression -Dissociation -Finding meaning -focus-Grief and Loss -Guilt -Insomnia -Intimacy-loneliness -Awareness -Irritability -Making Amends -mood changes-Pain Management -Parenting -Personality Disorders -Relationships -Religion-Stress -Suicidal thoughts -Trauma -employment -Self Injury -Spirituality 


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